Groups and Classes

Groups and Classes

Our groups and classes are designed to help you learn from other people who are going through a similar experience to you. Whether you attend a one-off session or join us on a more regular basis, our door is always open.

Our practitioners and coaches will take you through guided discussions and help you to deepen your understanding about yourself, your emotional health, and capacity for coping. Along the way, you’ll discover lots of practical tips and strategies to help you manage the fertility roller coaster.

One of our most popular programs, The Journey into ART, is a psychoeducation workshop focused on helping you to prepare for the transition into treatment. This program is designed to take you through some of the best ways to psychologically, emotionally, and practically prepare for the road ahead. From exposing assumptions, developing a fertility mindset, and reaching out for support, this 90-minute class will help you to create action steps that you can implement alongside your treatment plan.

Sharing experiences, collective problem solving, and learning from others is what this class is all about. You will leave feeling empowered, informed, and ready to tackle the next stage in your journey.

Topics covered include:

How We Work

  • We currently run our workshops in a clinical setting, however, if you’re keen to explore this content 1:1 or with your partner, please get in touch. We’re launching this group program to the public in October 2019.

The Details

To express an interest in connecting with others and joining the group program later in the year, please submit an expression of interest via our contact page. We look forward to running these events soon.

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How We Work
Why The ART Space?

This workshop was incredibly worthwhile. The first time people go to an IVF doctor; they should be recommended to come to this and other sessions.

The group environment – it reminded me that we’re not alone.

Very well organized and professionally run sessions. It was very warm and made me feel comfortable and acknowledged – thank you.

Very informative with a great approachable and respectful facilitator.

I loved the acknowledgment of common emotions related to an unusual journey – great ideas for preparing for big stages.

The psychoeducational session as a whole was helpful - can’t thank you enough!!

These sessions were very helpful and also very reassuring. It helped to put my mind at ease regarding treatment in the future. I particularly liked the focus on emotional wellbeing and how to navigate this throughout my journey.

The ART Space is an independent coaching and counseling community that recognizes the challenges individuals and couples face during fertility and infertility treatment.

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