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Welcome to The ART Space: a place to create, grow, and cultivate your wellbeing during fertility and infertility treatment.

It takes courage to face the challenges of infertility head-on.

It can stop you in your tracks and present a mixture of emotions that are often confusing, frustrating, and even isolating.

Our goal is to change the way individuals and couples approach infertility and fertility treatment. Using evidence-based practices from the field of Positive Psychology and Mindbody Science, we blend traditional counseling with coaching, psychoeducation, and skills training to help you navigate the fertility roller coaster.

Prioritizing your own wellbeing during the time that you’re trying to build a family is essential. A fertile mind—a mindset that’s built on facts, evidence, knowledge, and acceptance of your personal experience— will give you resilience and endurance during treatment.

If your journey from fertility to family has taken an unexpected detour, then you’re in the right place.

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It takes courage to face the challenges of infertility head on.


Conceiving can be a challenging and stressful time, and our leading in-house practitioners are here to give you the very best care. Our evidence-based therapies will allow you to debrief and explore your hopes, dreams, feelings, and thoughts in a safe and welcoming space.

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Our individual and couples coaching can help you explore and create a range of strategies and habits that will support you along your fertility journey and towards your goals. Delivered face-to-face or online, this can be an effective and less expensive alternative to counseling.

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Are you feeling isolated and alone? Whether it’s connection, inspiration, hope, or a jolt of joy that you’re longing for, we encourage you to tap into the collective wisdom and experiences of other people, who just like you, are navigating infertility.

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The ART Space is an independent coaching and counseling community that recognizes the challenges individuals and couples face during fertility and infertility treatment.

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